‘Indulge in an Interactive Communication for a lasting impact than a cliche!’

It’s about being a total control freak, without appearing to be one.
-Lins Karnes
The end of the twentieth century, child. When we started to get interactivity back.
― Douglas Adams

We have realised the power of interactive content and its application in all the possible mediums. Cinerang’s last project of interactive content production for a museum has lead many doors open to the possibilities of exploring this medium.

Right from Motion sensor, gesture based, touch screen, technology to augmented reality. This is a play ground where we love to be present with our associate company to develop customised ideas for your brand.

Portfolio- Interactive Design

GT Road Map

Chanakya Animation

Mauryan Gate Interactive

Jataka Tales- Clever Monkey

City Scene

Interactive Cave Painting

Architecture Of Termite Mounds

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